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Kommunity: Back to Block - Mortal Kombat Lego Edition
04/23/2014 08:58 PM :: Posted at 08:58 PM EST by Mick-Lucifer

With the global theatrical success of The Lego Movie -- Denmark's #1 export has reached considerable new heights! The popular building bricks have already conquered the video game domain, assembling classic franchises like Batman, Harry Potter and Star Wars in digital, interactive Lego forms.

With Marvel Comics making the Lego leap opposite their DC Superhero rivals in a 2013 Warner Brothers published game -- the thought occurs just about anything is possible for this franchise powerhouse! Could the WB owned, adult rated Mortal Kombat be next? If it was -- Sean Cantrell shows us how it might look!

The obviously talented digital artist has done a terrific job rendering Mortal Kombat's famous characters in Lego form. His work has spread virally, most recently shared by series co-creator and Creative Director Ed Boon.

Not content with merely building individual models to then recreate the classic character select screens from Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat II [pictured above] -- Cantrell also created the ultimate Lego MK playset: The Pit!

While Mortal Kombat's inherently violent nature may challenge the child-friendly aesthetic of Lego and Lego video games -- we've seen in games and film that the pacifying qualities of Lego can make for some fun, tongue-in-cheek appropriation. Note Cantrell's Pit set, which includes a deliciously harmless Lego Skeleton with its four fighters [Raiden, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero & Scorpion].

In fact, the routine decapitations and dismemberments that come with playing with Lego make Mortal Kombat seem like a perfectly natural fit. Or, the beginning of a very disturbing campaign of childhood desensitization. Either way -- we love your work, Sean Cantrell!

You can find even more unofficial Lego renders at Sean Cantrell: 3D Generalist, or via his DeviantART profile. Get your own unique MK kreations? Register to submit your work to Mortal Kombat Online's world famous Fan Submission archive!

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